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Tuesday Tidbits

Mixed messages

  • Dirt is the next growth industry? Interesting expose of the problem of the shrinking amount of arable land after clicking through, although not much in the way of recommended solutions. It seems, however, that the world has a growing problem with carbon in the air, and not enough in the soil. Hmm.
  • I’ve watched about five minutes of the Olympics, and that was from a bar in Silverthorne while taking a break between line wetting sessions (happily, it was the Polish womens’ volleyball team that caught my eye). The whole IOC just seems pathetic to me, and here’s proof of my inclinations.
  • Fly fishing folks are the finest around. Not only do they (mostly) take great interest in the care of their stomping grounds (and hopefully their quarry), they are also highly compassionate. Don’t feed feral goats – adopt a lonely sofa today!
  • Warm and fuzzies complete. Now, if you think the markets have already hit bottom, think again. John Mauldin explains why.
  • And last but certainly not least…

  • Three simple reasons (in pictorial) why fishing in Alaska might not be for the faint of heart. Dummies…you’re catching someone else’s lunch!


BRIC throwing should be an Olympic event

The market news piece of the day is that the S&P 500 has (YTD) outperformed the once explosive BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Folks everywhere are saying “See, it’s not so bad” and touting the fact that the U.S. is the “least loser” etc. etc. I don’t think that is the real story here.

As the Washington Post notes, the Olympics may be fantastically well choreographed, but it doesn’t really matter if nobody shows up:

Two weeks after announcing they had sold every one of the record 6.8 million tickets offered for the Games, Olympics officials expressed dismay at the large numbers of empty seats at nearly every event and the lack of pedestrian traffic throughout the park, the 2,800-acre centerpiece of the competition.

The Chinese organizing contingent is “baffled” by this? They’ve got to be kidding – look at their stock market…

Chart compliments of Bloomberg

Just a few months ago, the Chinese were trying to stem the bleeding by promoting more equity market speculation. From the looks of the chart, that didn’t get them very far.

Clue: When equity markets tumble, people lose money. When they lose money, they stay in. And (I guess) order Chinese food.

Skiing, Spam and Spyware

What do they have in common? Dale Begg-Smith, recent winner of a gold medal in Olympic moguls competition, thats what.

Begg-Smith is known for his success with internet related projects, and is now being heavily questioned regarding their potential improprieties. Brian McWilliams digs deeper into the story, and thinks the issue might just be worthy of a little more investigation (by the IOC, that is).

To me, it sounds a bit snowy, as in the kid is letting the business go to pursue other interests (which he is obviously excelling at). It happens – someone takes savvy from one arena to another, and continues to perform above par. Unless the kid has done something illegal (or, is still involved in shady dealings), it might be worth letting this sleeping dog, well, sleep. If the former is the case, well, the kid is about to learn the old adage regarding protecting your reputation at all costs. In Begg-Smith’s case, however, the cost may be no more than the keys to a Lamborghini.