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Your fantasy identity now being threatened

As if it wasn’t dangerous enough to be online, with the potential of having your credit cards or bank account passwords stolen by some creep, now all you online gamers have to worry about holding onto your magic swords as well.

All I’d be worried about is my invisibility potion, as if I had nothing better to do than pretend I was some warlock tromping goblins in cyberspace, I’d certainly want to be as stealthy as possible.

I knew online gaming wasn’t good for you

As if we don’t already have enough threats to our internet security, with all the phishing, pharming, keylogging, viruses creating zombies, etc., now comes a threat to virtual world security. Sophos reports that a virus is lurking around that steals multi-player online game data.

The game is Priston’s Tale, and the virus steals usernames and passwords. The thieves can then log in as the user, and steal all their online bounty (currency, weapons, secret whatever, you name it), and sell it online to other gamers.

Crazy, but where there is a will (and cash to be made) there is a way.