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A new game for publishers, portability plus price

“Ezines”, those nifty flip-the-page websites, are sprouting up like weeds, particularly in the fly-fishing world. Some are vying for easy distribution, while others hang on the green bandwagon while manipulating InDesign files from treehouses. Regardless of intent, various pundits have called it the death of print, while publishers declare the insanity of such thoughts. Further, if you keep a close eye on new media chatter, you might also find that some traditional publishers have simply regurgitated their print editions in mobile applications. Such investments far exceed that of ezines, hence the problems publishers may be having finding a price that both suits consumers and provides for a recovery of their investment. Whether it be Flash-based open source scripts or flashy looking tablets, however, it’s the general availability of new technology that is the genesis of the efforts.

You could argue the relative merits of these channels until the cows come home, and frankly I enjoy observing all the banter for and against. Nevertheless, I think it comes down to just two factors, portability and price. The first is all about convenience – whether you can consume it anywhere you want, whenever you want. Then there’s how much you want to pay for it. The problem for publishers is individual preference, and adapting to changes in those preferences.

For example, I’ve always been a disposable content fan. I bought and read a lot of magazines, but did so mostly when I was doing a lot of business travel. Periodicals alleviated in-transit boredom, and the investment was always small enough that I didn’t mind tossing them in the trash before heading home. Same goes for books – unless they were reference materials I bought paperbacks whenever possible. When rich websites arrived, I found myself consuming more timely content via that channel – pulp took a back seat.


Rises forming at noon

Hot off the PR wire, the long awaited Rise Forms online literary magazine is on the way:

Dear Angler,

Announcing the arrival of Rise Forms: Fly fishing’s literary voice. We are proud to let you know that at noon Mountain Standard Time, the premiere edition of the magazine will be live. Please visit http://riseforms.com to read the magazine. Please look around the site, especially the upper right corner where there are some drop-down menus. There is a note from the editors and a book giveaway. For those of you who prefer to read the magazine as a pdf file, you will find a link to the full version from those menus (we’ve given you the first several pages of the pdf file in an attachment to this email as a teaser).

Happy reading!

MG signing off (in anticipation of high noon)