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Running a secure web server on your Leopard-powered Mac

This is not something most of you would want to do, but I’m in the midst of a project that requires SSL for testing purposes. My MacBook Pro serves as a primary communications center, research tool, and as the access interface to the blog blather you’re reading right now. Plus, it’s one hell of a development platform too. SSL is a big part of building secure web services, so I’m putting this forth just in case.

Quick note: this is a fairly detailed process, so take a firm hold of the wheel and be prepared for a lengthy ride. You are going to need your terminal and su access. You will be generating encryption keys and certificates, and editing Apache conf files, after the jump.


Afterhours: Guinness Stout meets OpenSSL

My partner cranks through hundreds of RFCs, then directs me to tinker with the PHP libraries.

Thank you sir. May I have another?

I love trial and error assignments.