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A Shift Back to the Core?

Or a desperate grasp?

VentureWire said:

“Even as rumors swirl about the fate and future independence of a number of open-source software start-ups, an acknowledged leader in the latest wave of open-source development, MySQL AB, has raised $18.5 million in its latest round of funding.”

I thought Oracle best watch out for the little guys closing in on their core business while they were distracted. They certainly aren’t listening to me, but maybe Oracle is just getting the hint themselves.

Being fastest is good in more than just “time to market”

I have been wondering about what Oracle is up to for a while now. Despite admiring Mr. Ellison for his gumption, I was trying to figure out why one would push their core product line aside in favor of applications built on top of them. Then again, Mr. Ellison has done pretty well for himself – a hell of a lot better than I have. But, I have also warned that open source competitors are closing in fast. And this time, it is fast in more than just market share gains.

Maybe the folks at Oracle knew this was going to happen. I can’t imagine anyone thinking the market for relational databases is dead, but those applications aren’t going to be worth near as much if someone else is providing the foundation on which they run.

Stock manipulation does some good

Larry Ellison was accused of stock manipulation a few years back – everyone’s stock was headed down the tubes, so I think lawyers were looking at the billionaire as a scapegoat. He had money then, he has money now, and Oracle didn’t go down the tubes like many others (even though it might have a bit of trouble now).

Nonetheless, as part of a settlement on those charges, Mr. Ellison is going to be donating in upwards of $100 million to philanthropic causes. The timing is impeccable.

Blood lust, or loving the underdog?

Call it bad blood if you want, but anytime a company is going through CFOs like I go through caddis flies, I have to wonder what kind of mess might be brewing at the company. Some are speculating that Larry Ellison is just too hard to work with – frankly I love the guy for his salesmanship (or just plain big balls, whichever you prefer). Yes, he may take his cockiness to extremes, but why the hell should he care. Got billions, do whatever the hell you want. I’d take the job if I wasn’t so fricken unqualified!