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Don’t be a prima donna – show a little class

Yesterday, the TypePad blogging service suffered an outage. I read quotes from so called “professional bloggers” pissing and moaning and calling Six Apart “ridiculous.” I am not even going to link back to the bullshit, because bad publicity is still publicity for you. You know who you are. You missed your four 50 cent ad clicks yesterday, and now you are pissed. I’ve got some news for you, Gods o’ Blogs…

Vonage Versus The World

Everyone is paying very close attention to Vonage nowadays. If some ISP isn’t flat out blocking the service (see Vonage Says ISP Blocked Its Calls), someone is pissing and moaning at the latest outage (see Vonage Internet phone service suffers outage – 03/07/05).

That tells me that Vonage is positioned to kick everyone’s behind, and “everyone” is worried.