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Stuff you might have missed while searching for your old ‘Thriller’ vinyl – 06/29/09


  • How Difficult Is It To Post A Bill On The White House Website For Five Days? [Techdirt] – Watch for a new government job listing for, uh, White House Blogger. Primary responsibility: cut and paste.
  • Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out [Wired] – All Google has to do is remove Facebook from their search results, and the fight is over.
  • Indian CEO Says Most US Tech Grads “Unemployable” [Slashdot] – The kingdom of outsourcing may be hedging its bets through the PR channels.
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  • Krugman and the Housing Bubble: A Love Story [Reason] – Mr. Krugman is long to get his story straight. Looks like the ‘internet is forever’ mantra is getting the best of him.
  • Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine [The Big Picture] – A must read, particularly the final blow on cap-and-trade. I suggest clicking through to the Scribd page and going full screen.
  • Frank Pushes Fannie and Freddie to Take On More Risky Loans [Contrarian Profits] – Along with a plan to refinance homes that are underwater, it looks as though we’ll all soon be in government housing, whether we like it or not.
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  • Is It Time For Rodmakers to Get Out of the Warranty Business? [MidCurrent] – It would certainly force people to rest their rods someplace besides the door jam of their vehicles.
  • Invention Lets Fish Live Without Water [Cutthroat Stalker] – A fly fishing photographer’s dream come true? Heh, nothing can help my photog skills.
  • Elite anglers focused on FKO/IGFA Inshore World Championship [Fishing World] – Coming soon, and on EPSN to boot.
  • Adieu.

    Why I don’t tie flies

    Simple: I sucked at it, and according to Singlebarbed that’s a good thing…

    Among the largest sources of capital outlay for fly fishermen are flies, it’s the reason most attempt to learn the craft somewhere in their career; the smart ones fail, realizing that’s it’s twice as expensive – leaving us slow learners to master the craft.

    I won’t pat myself on the back too hard for grasping the positive personal economics of outsourcing early on – I now get to lose sleep over nightmares of dumping an assortment of precious boxes in a flow I shouldn’t be wading in, knowing production capacity is thousands of miles away.

    Losing tech competitiveness in more ways than one

    Everyone knows the story about Google sucking up all the brainpower in the Bay Area. On the flip side of the coin, folks say you can do anything and work from anywhere in the internet age, so why work for Google? That is true if you have the human resources and infrastructure to beat the next guy to the punch, and two unfolding elements could throw that off.