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Must see Patagonia fly-fishing gear catalog attempts to lure people to fishless waters

The 2010 Patagonia Fly-Fishing catalog is out. In paperless glory…

On page 12 of Patagonia’s fine publication is a picture that some readers of this not-so-fine publication may recognize. While we won’t be naming names here, the photo depicts some wanna-be anglers assembling a seven boat floatilla at the bottom of what seems to be a pretty steep hill. I find the presentation disturbing, and am here to set the record straight.

Camera angles can play tricks on the eyes, but making things look more treacherous than they are is not the primary issue here. In fact, the grade in question is actually twice as steep as it appears. Believe me when I say this – I’ve been down it (buttocks first). There is no way anyone could slide a raft down that hill – the boats below had to have been brought in by helicopter. Further, no bonafide fly angler in their right mind would ever set out to fish the river below. Why? Because there are no fish in it. In addition, the river looks like it’s running about 1,200 cfs, meaning it was completely un-navigable when the photo was taken.

So folks…what we have here is a setup. Big corporate, playing marketing tricks!

MG signing off (to voice my discontent to Chouinard himself)

(h/t Mr. Luke Bever, who did not catch this fish on that river)