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Mac OS X now totally insecure

According a MacWorld report, a bluetooth security hole has been found. Yes, that’s right – bluetooth. You know, bluetooth! You don’t use bluetooth? Where have you been?

My guess is on a deserted island for the last six months, as you would have to have ignored about that duration’s worth of updates to OS X (since Apple posted a patch in like May).

Microsoft patches, before attacks

I am not sure whether this is good news or just great PR.

Microsoft deployed a huge set of patches on Tuesday, and the exploit code was released the following day.

Is that a first, or was this a coordinated effort?

Late news and obscure patches guarantee exploit success

In this day and age, you must get the news of a computer security weakness out quickly, develop a solution fifteen minutes later, and move on with your life. If you don’t, you are in trouble, and I suspect many Windows users who click on spam-fed links this week will be.

News outlets in Microsoft’s own hometown are spreading the word of the latest dangers almost a week after it was discovered. How many people are going to be paying attention as they head back to work – not many. Meanwhile,
a temporary fix and an obscure workaround have been noted. Who is going to pay attention after watching bowl games all weekend? Very few.

A real fix is expected on January 10th when Microsoft does “Patch Tuesday,” roughly two weeks after the issue was raised. A lot of people are going to suffer in the meantime, and I just have to think that there has to be a better way to run this show.