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Patents, patents, patents

The neverendingbattle.

Ideas don’t mean much, unless your idea of execution is filing some documents via ETAS. Those who “do” are going to pay the price for those who “don’t,” and everyone is going to feel the resultant pain of floundering innovation.

At least I know nobody pays attention to this blog (or at very least the subtitle).

Google patents link-based spam filtering?

SEO by the SEA says Google has patented link-based spam filtering.

Certainly seems like an interesting idea, if less than novel. Check links inside spam and phishing emails against an index of content. If the link shows, add points. Of course, most blog spam filters already have this capability (vis-a-vis link blacklists), but I guess this could benefit Gmail (since it’s been rumored that Google has direct access to a lot of linked content).

Nevertheless, I wonder…who is Johnny Chen, and why doesn’t the referenced patent app have a Google assignment? Maybe they [Google] don’t want to look like patent trolls. Or maybe the “university” I bought that “life experience law degree” from isn’t legit.