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Less than a minute to utter satisfaction

Can a fly-fishing video sum up the the singular obsession, the wanton desire, the unnatural affinity…in under a minute?

Yes it can.

MG signing off (to watch it again)

Announcing my entrance onto the professional poker circuit

It’s been a long time coming, yet the irritation I’ve felt for years is now gone. It is welcome relief, finally figuring out your place in the world, your purpose. At minimum I now know what mine is not.

Pete McDonald penned the epiphany, months in the making, after reading this piece by Alex Cerveniak entitled Why You Suck at Fly Fishing. Thoughtful by design, Mr. McDonald concludes that whether or not you are any good at the quiet sport makes no real difference. Instead, listen to the inner conscience, and do what you love no matter the accumulated skills.

The funny thing is, I read Alex’s piece too, but came to a decidedly different conclusion at the outset.

They’re always moving, covering as much water as possible, only slowing down when they’re into fish. While experience gives them an idea of which flies they’ll need for the day, they don’t actually know which ones they’ll be using until they’re on the water. And if that fly isn’t working, they don’t stick with it cause they caught a really big fish five years ago in this spot with it. They will go through fly- after fly after fly after fly- until they find the one that does. When fly changes don’t work, they’re adjusting leader and tippet diameter, or leader length, or the distance between their indicator and the fly, or the amount of split shot on the leader, or their drift, or anything else they have control over.

Once consumed, I said to myself…

That’s MG to a tee. Always moving. Always changing. Controlling what can be controlled. No wonder I kick so much ass!

Displaying confidence, wholly justified, I was nevertheless haunted by subconscious reservations. Compadre McDonald finally spelled it out for me…

A couple years ago I said in a post the only two rules of fly fishing should be, Don’t be an asshole and make the cast. Now I’m pairing it down: Don’t be an asshole; that should pretty much be enough.

It’s now clear I can no longer participate in fly-fishing because it’s inevitable I will break the rules. Since I was permanently banned from the Andros South card table (for taking…cough cough…everyone’s money…cough cough), I figure I’ve got to pay the rent somehow.

I wonder if the professional poker circuit will let me bring my own chips and deck.

MG signing off (to be an asshole someplace else)

Following the run, no matter how far it takes you

Tosh Brown of Departure Publishing, via Angling Trade:

Back in October, Pete McDonald and I embarked on our first round of content gathering for our upcoming collaboration.

We saw the wind (and rain) blow from every point on the compass and by the end of the week I was really thankful for my last-minute decision to pack the underwater camera. From the Connecticut River, to Breezy Point, to Montauk: we caught fish, we interviewed guides, we visited greasy spoon cafes and fly shops, and we got off to a great start on a book that we’re getting seriously pumped about. Click here to see what we’ve cataloged, so far…

Tosh is referring to some oh so sweet pics off of Connecticut, New York, and other coastal environs. And he and Pete are not even halfway done.

If you see either of these fellows anytime between now and November, get them drunk and steal their travel schedule.

‘Cause crashing that party would be a hoot.

MG signing off (to find a bottle of tequila…for…uh…personal consumption)

Catch and release (plus a little writing) may score you a new reel!

Fly Fisher Girl Hannah Belford is sponsoring a rockin’ contest. We all (hopefully) practice catch and release, but sometimes the fish aren’t handled in a way that maximize their chances of fighting another day – Hannah wants to change that…

Angling kills fish. However, with proper care and attention one can minimize the impact. In fact, if one chooses to fish strictly catch and release barbless hook angling – you are going to give the fish the best possible chance for survival…well next to not using a hook. My vegan dad and stepmom woulda called me on that.

If you have a good story about catch and release (an honest one, and some pics to go with it), you can submit those to FlyFisherGirl.com for the chance at a brand spanking new Redington Rise fly reel. Hannah, along with our very own New York ditch doctor Pete McDonald, will be judging the entries. Click that lovely banner below to see all the rules and regs, and nab yourself a sweet piece of gear!


UPDATE: You don’t have to write an dissertation – just a little blurb about doing right by the fish will work just fine. However, pics are required.