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What social networking needs is less PR

I hope online predators are too busy hiding from the cops to read the latest Pew study.

The premise remains – kids are smarter than their parents think. But maybe what we need is a little misinformation now and then to quell the concern.

I’d like to see a study released that says “85% of all social networking profiles are created by beer drinking, football-crazed men aged 35-45 who have concealed weapons permits and moonlight as undercover agents.” What would the scumbags think then?

ET is not the one phoning home

Despite the fact that Pew says internet users are approaching the web with a bit more caution, I’ll reiterate that I view most surveys with some skepticism.

Case in point – spyware reporting activity is soaring. The flip side of this coin could be that monitoring of spyware “calling home” activity is a nascent observation, or that spyware is getting worse at hiding its process. But I doubt it.

It takes a long time to change human behaviour – my guess is folks may be “thinking” more cautiously, but still “doing” the same old same old.

A fine time for the internet

How did we get here?

I don’t love the internet, as it is neither my dog, my girlfriend, nor a human member of my family. I hope nobody else falls in love with it either, or they should find somebody to talk to about their social introversion. But the internet is extremely useful, and it has changed the way we do business, gather news, and organize our daily lives.

It can certainly be a “like”/hate relationship though, and I am wondering how it became so.

No Tolerance Here

The Pew Internet & American Life Project did a study on email and spam and came up with some interesting, if not strange conclusions. Fewer Americans mistrusted email as a result of spam, and fewer said they spent less time on email as a result of spam. The Pew study concluded Americans are becoming more tolerant of spam.

Spamroll has a few thoughts on this matter.