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The audacity of telling it like it is

It’s nearly always fun listening to what Jeff Matthews is not making up on any given day, and his latest on “healthcare reform” is no different:

Say what you like about healthcare reform—say that it is necessary, or it is unnecessary; say that it is just another government program bound to fail, or that it is an important government duty to pick up where the private sector has failed; say that it is a manufactured crisis or that it is the most serious political issue of our time—but you can’t say this bill is rational, well-considered, and logical.

Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic notes health insurers aren’t too happy about what’s going on (not surprising), and somewhat confirms Matthew’s previous mention of big hospitals and pharma getting the gravy.

Insurers declaring war? Looking at my own premium statements, I assumed they’d already started firing.

Spammers prove they are good marketers

They study the stats, and sculpt their messages accordingly. According to an analysis by CipherTrust, clickthough rates on spam vary enormously, with porn leading the charge.

– Porn 5.6%
– Pharmaceuticals 0.02%
– Rolex watches 0.0075%

Of course, that is most of what you see too, proving spammers know their business. Frankly, I know why Rolexes are so low – they cost a mint to fix!