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Something Thoreau wrote on April 21, 1854

“How can a man be a wise man, if he doesn’t know any better how to live than other men?-if he is only more cunning and intellectually subtle? Does Wisdom work in a treadmill? Does Wisdom fail? or does she teach how to succeed by her example? Is she merely the miller who grinds the finest logic? Did Plato get his living in a better way or more successfully than his contemporaries? Did he succumb to the difficulties of life like other men? Did he merely prevail over them by indifference, or by assuming grand airs? or find it easier to live because his aunt remembered him in her will?”

Generally speaking, the more grandiose the manner or title, the more the actor is compensating for thinly disguised shortcomings.

MG signing off (thinking Plato didn’t need his aunt’s money – the Academy would have happened even if he was broke)

Figuring out what counts

Einstein was undoubtedly a smart cookie. I’ve scoured Ideas and Opinions for tidbits, and go back to it now and then as well, but I missed this one:

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

I’ll thank the contributor ahead of schedule. Some friends of mine are punishing runners all weekend on the Gunnison; I got roped into some meeting (sans golf or other distracting activities). While they are counting their fish, I’ll be counting how many business cards I wasted. Ha.