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Phone records are safe, except for HP board members

That’s a joke, by the way. Phone records have long been accessible by surrepitous means. But if you were a recent member of Hewlett Packard’s board of directors, your phone records were more than fair game.

Techdirt has done a good job summarizing this story, so I won’t bother. No, actually I wouldn’t bother anyway. It’s just too damn disgusting.


The phone records of reporters involved in “the leaks” weren’t safe either.

***UPDATE 2***

Looks the probe snagged the phone records of someone’s retired father too. You dog was in the room when the vet was talking with their adulterous lover – your phone records are now up for grabs.

How to stop those pesky FBI wiretaps

If you are a malcreant and you know the FBI is tapping your phone conversations, there is no need to worry. It is fairly easy to foil those taps, and here’s how. I note this not because I want to disrupt FBI investigations – I believe if you are doing something wrong, you deserve what ever is coming down the pike at you. But it does show that your phone is still not very safe, as any phreak (which we thought was dead in the digital age) could be used for more dastardly means; it also shows that the government needs some better technology if they are going to get the crooks.

Of course, the feds could just buy your phone records, but then they wouldn’t have those lovely recorded conversations. And if they are really looking for “subversives,” paranoid as the government seems nowadays, it may just be easier to mine Amazon.com’s wishlists.

WARNING: The Death of Telephone Privacy Is Upon Us

The news out of Chicago was that for $110, you could buy the call records of any number, including cell phones, from a simple website service. What a fricken travesty!

I can’t help but think this is the telcos’ doing. Where else could you get those records from (tap the switches)? The Illinois Legislature moved quickly to ban the sale of the phone records, and I suggest Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally take measures into their own hands as well.

This is a massive class action lawsuit in the making, and while I generally think they are a waste of time and precious resources, anything that sticks it to the absolutely pathetic telcos is time well spent.