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Official pizza of water-logged fly anglers

It has been raining nearly non-stop across the Front Range. Rivers (and some roads, bridges, etc.) are blown out. A section of river fished just days before at a few hundred cubic feet per second and a gauge height of around five feet hit over 11,000 cfs and nearly three times the depth. It would surprise to see those fish there again any time soon – they are residents of Nebraska now.

Having checked in on friends up north to make sure they were safe and sound, lunch was invoked…

If you can't fish, eat

Grilled Chicken Alfredo sans dorsal fin

Thank you Traeger.

MG signing off (to do a sunshine dance)

College student hackers choose pizza delivery careers

Two Cal State Northridge students were caught hacking into a professor’s computer, changing grades, and ordering magazines, CDs, and pizzas under the professor’s name.

I’d say the pizza delivery bit is kind of ironic. I would have loved to have been the professor, getting all that free pizza (he wasn’t charged). I also suspect the students in question are going to see it that way, because their likeliest career option, post fines and jail, are going to be that of pizza delivery persons.