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Nixing NextGEN Gallery

For the longest time I used the NextGEN Gallery plugin on this site. It was convenient for displaying photos, particularly in fancy formats, but was certainly more than this [very] non-photographer needed.

Then Photocrati took over the plugin from original developer Alex Rabe, and it became even more feature rich. I stood fast, despite the introduction of NextGEN Pro – a sign the plugin could get some quietly introduced handicaps down the road – as well as gallery presentation features in WordPress core. Add laziness too; I didn’t want to move all those photos, many of which had been embedded in posts.

Fast forward: a colleague started experiencing random (and devastating) performance issues with their WordPress install, and in the course of assisting with the fix I gained a deeper understanding of WordPress resource use. And what part NextGEN Gallery plays in it. Call it need for speed – I canned the plugin not 48 hours later.

Yes, moving those photos, reorganizing some simple galleries, and modding hundreds of posts was a pain in the ass. And while some scripts have been developed to assist with the process, I went the manual route. Royal pain. But resource use on the hosting platform dropped noticeably thereafter, and I am hence recommending taking the plunge.

With a glass of whiskey by your side throughout the process, of course.

MG signing off (because overkill sometimes does just that)

I’d love the plugin, but don’t have time to read the terms of service

A shining example of how not to release a plugin for an open source platform?

In this case, the culprit is HP and the target is WordPress. After reading about HP’s new weblog printing plugin over at Mashable, I thought it would be great to have easy printing capabilities on this site. So I search around the HP’s Tabblo site for a bit and finally find a link to download the WordPress plugin.

Next stop…this. I’ve got to give them my email address and site location and agree to a bunch of terms and conditions in order to download a plugin for an free, open source software package that I originally received no-questions-asked?

I don’t even know if it will work. Is it compatible with my theme? How much hacking will be required? Does it jive with the other plugins?

Tell you what – I’ll save some folks the temptation of using the overpriced ink cartridges instead.

UPDATE: I took the leap of faith since someone from HP (?) was kind enough to respond. More in the comment thread…