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Betting the book will sell

… if author Annie Duke’s interview is any measure:

Video link -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxUZDiscLis

Made me go looking for Ms. Duke’s work. After checking Barnes & Noble stock, I was going for my keys when I realized I was actually preparing to get charged a roughly 50% premium for the trip. Too much vig for my taste.

MG signing off (having put my chips on the pass line instead)

Announcing my entrance onto the professional poker circuit

It’s been a long time coming, yet the irritation I’ve felt for years is now gone. It is welcome relief, finally figuring out your place in the world, your purpose. At minimum I now know what mine is not.

Pete McDonald penned the epiphany, months in the making, after reading this piece by Alex Cerveniak entitled Why You Suck at Fly Fishing. Thoughtful by design, Mr. McDonald concludes that whether or not you are any good at the quiet sport makes no real difference. Instead, listen to the inner conscience, and do what you love no matter the accumulated skills.

The funny thing is, I read Alex’s piece too, but came to a decidedly different conclusion at the outset.

They’re always moving, covering as much water as possible, only slowing down when they’re into fish. While experience gives them an idea of which flies they’ll need for the day, they don’t actually know which ones they’ll be using until they’re on the water. And if that fly isn’t working, they don’t stick with it cause they caught a really big fish five years ago in this spot with it. They will go through fly- after fly after fly after fly- until they find the one that does. When fly changes don’t work, they’re adjusting leader and tippet diameter, or leader length, or the distance between their indicator and the fly, or the amount of split shot on the leader, or their drift, or anything else they have control over.

Once consumed, I said to myself…

That’s MG to a tee. Always moving. Always changing. Controlling what can be controlled. No wonder I kick so much ass!

Displaying confidence, wholly justified, I was nevertheless haunted by subconscious reservations. Compadre McDonald finally spelled it out for me…

A couple years ago I said in a post the only two rules of fly fishing should be, Don’t be an asshole and make the cast. Now I’m pairing it down: Don’t be an asshole; that should pretty much be enough.

It’s now clear I can no longer participate in fly-fishing because it’s inevitable I will break the rules. Since I was permanently banned from the Andros South card table (for taking…cough cough…everyone’s money…cough cough), I figure I’ve got to pay the rent somehow.

I wonder if the professional poker circuit will let me bring my own chips and deck.

MG signing off (to be an asshole someplace else)

Getting dragged to Andros for liar’s poker

What do you get when you combine a pack of wayward bloggers with the largest population of resident bonefish in the western hemisphere?

Deneki FIBFest. Duh!

Yes, I’m getting dragged kicking and screaming down to Andros, ostensibly to show everyone how to knock at least a half dozen people flat out on the casting deck using nothing but a #2 bead chain eyed fly (traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph of course). If you’ve ever fished the salt with me, you know I can hit a man (including but not limited to myself) square in the forehead without much trouble. Sometimes I even draw blood. If the crew has any say in the matter, we’ll probably spend the first evening constructing helmets from coconut husks.

They won’t get that opportunity, however, as I am now disclosing in advance 100% of the contents of my gear bag so there is no misconception regarding what activities they will be engaged in during the lion’s share of this adventure.

They’ll never know what hit them. ‘Cause they’ll be hungover. And broke.

MG signing off (to practice my double haul hit the poker simulator)

Internet Poker Lobby Setting Up Tables At Both Conventions

Setting up tables, as in poker tables.

No wonder it was so easy to get a game going last week – and at least now I know why I was invited (note to self: thank PokerPAC).

How to play poker with Democratic Convention delegates

pocket-acesAmongst my inner circle I was voted “Least Likely to Attend the Democratic National Convention.” In fact, I didn’t receive an invitation to a single sanctioned event…bummer. And I’ve never been too big on gambling either, but I have been enticed into a few small-stakes poker games. And last night it just so happened to be a few delegates/friends twisting my arm to hand them a few of my hard-earned dollars.

No, Ben Affleck wasn’t in the room, and I am not going to bore you with a hand by hand description of the play either. But the convention still has two nights left, so I suspect there are still more games to play – as a contribution to the community I’m instead handing out some tips for success while playing poker with delegates, based on a night’s full of observation…

Contrary to popular belief about democracy and such, political conventions are all about partying. So make sure your opponents are the ones doing it. Tell them you are on the wagon, even if it’s just your nurturing the prior day’s hangover – make sure they drink plenty of political ale during play.

Next up: Delegates (particular the well-to-do kind) like action. I say don’t let them have it! Refuse no-limit games – in fact, suggest something like 2-4/5 limit. You may seem like the sissy up front, but this tack will pay dividends over the course of the evening. The want for higher stakes will push your politically-oriented opponents to chase pots. And chase they will, even when they have no hand to speak of.

Making the ‘deter action’ bit work also requires you play fairly tight. Sure, if you get dealt pocket aces over and over again you have little choice but to raise and re-raise like a mad person, but otherwise the best course is to fold…a lot. This has the additional benefit of enhancing the pot chasing phenomena too. You are, however, going to have to give up some pocket change while setting up for the bigger kills – coughing up a few blinds and a few uneasy calls will work wonders for your opponents self-perceived poker skills.

In Summary

1) Make sure your delegate friends get good and sauced;
2) Capitalize on their need for action by folding while they’re agitating;
3) Pound the big hands by steadfastly jacking up the pots;
4) Take your delegate friends’ money while their confidence is brimming.

The Convention officially ends on Thursday, and I’m sure most delegates (and the media and support) will be anxious to get home to their families for holiday weekend festivities. I’ll no doubt be fly fishing, and I’m happy to note that funding for my flies, leaders, lunches and fuel is secure.

Top Poker Players Sometimes Short on Cash

Of all places, via Bloomberg:

When watching “High Stakes Poker” or the World Series of Poker on television it’s easy to assume that all these people with mountains of chips in front of them are millionaires and living the American poker dream. The sad reality is that a reasonable number of them are broke or, even worse, deep in debt to their fellow players, banks and loan sharks.

A simple case of poor long-term money management skills? Or the poker industry’s dirty little secret, hidden behind the marketing veil, in order to lure more suckers into the game?

I suspect it is a combination of the two.

Major Bank Embroiled in Money Making Plans

A Guardian Unlimited report yesterday declared Citigroup embroiled in bond selling scandal. According to the report, a couple of traders on the other side of the pond purportedly exchanged a memo where they conspired amongst themselves to make some money. Can you believe it? Securities traders planning to make money. As far as I can see, the only stupid thing they did was talk about it too much before they actually did it.