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Gear Review: Smith Optics Elite Tactical Sunglasses

gear bagSitting at a lunch meeting, my colleague squints and rubs their eyes.

“Peeps bugging you?” I ask.

“Yea, it’s these damn sunglasses. Every time I drive for more than a few hours with them on my eyes get really tired.”

“Hmm … are they polarized?”


As a fisherman, I’d come to wearing polarized sunglasses almost exclusively. Every place, every day, and experienced the same, worn, tired eyes after prolonged face time. But I was loathe to seek an alternative, likely requiring I give up the matte-finish, full-coverage frames I’d grown accustomed to.

Smith Elite Tactical Sunglasses

Full frame AND maximum impact resistance

Aww, scratch all that bullshit above. After the jump comes the real reason I switched to these sunglasses (spoiler: it ain’t because I got a “hookup”) …