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Cameras and strange voices, everywhere

UK officials figure if they already have cameras everywhere, why not add loudspeakers to them so they can shout at folks engaged in suspicious activities.

I wonder what Houston’s police chief thinks about that idea?

I’ve got’em in my crosshairs, Hank

BusinessWeek is running this article, and I think it is worth your time to read. It chronicles some of the recent criminal activity that has been plaguing the internet, and what the authorities are doing about it.

The bottom line is, hackers (the bad ones that break stuff, not the good ones who create stuff) are moving from fun to money as motive for their actions. Exploits are becoming ever more complex, and the authorities are being forced to implement ever more intricate countermeasures to knock them down.

I personally offer the good guys the best of luck, and any resources at Spamroll’s disposal. Best regards to the “Hacker Hunters.”