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The Apple virus revolution, or lack thereof

The Register just posted this piece on Apple OS X, and attempts to find a correlation between the recent proliferation of computer security issues, and Apple’s exploding OS X platform sales.

I have touted Apple as a solution for the malware that binds us, over and over and over, not because I am a “Mac-head,” but because I bought one out of curiousity, and found it just plain works (and without all the nasties I became accustomed to with Windows).

I have to agree with The Register – there is a correlation.

The iPod could pale in comparison

I’ve heard an awful lot of analyst (and Dell executives) talk about how Apple is a one hit wonder with the iPod. While I have gotten a little more biased after my month on a Powerbook, I still couldn’t take the mindset of the fanatics, and had to continually lean towards the pundits. That notion gained even more strength after I saw the Mac Mini, and thought it overpriced and useless. Now I am beginning to wonder.

I like my Mac, and so does Linus

I am not the only one who likes my Mac. Although I still run a Dell C840 with dual boot WinXP and Fedora Core 3, the Mac has appeal in terms of portability, ease of use, and a comfortability factor I have become acccustomed to in a very short time (like three weeks).

Now Linus Torvalds is using one too.

Burning a hole in my pocket, but I don’t care

My better judgement was tossed on the front steps this last Wednesday, the moment the MacMall sales associate told me there was no sales tax on products purchased online, for delivery to me.

New release Apple Powerbook G4 12 inch with Superdrive. 80gb hard, 512mb RAM, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0, etc. etc. Oops.

Now for some initial thoughts after tinkering around with it for the last six hours…….

Slabs and resale value

I forgot one thing when talking about value, product excellence, and warranties the other day – something which an anonymous reader pointed out to me via email.

It was purported in this correspondence that Apple Powerbooks have pretty darn good resale value compared to Dells, or any other PC platform, for that matter.

So I did some checking on my own…..