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Apple PR machine running in overdrive

Leopard gets grand reviews from three major media outlets in one day:

The Wall Street Journal
The New York Times
USA Today

I’m a Mac user, and I’ve been exclusively so for years now. But none of the new features will have me waiting in line for a box of spots, and the thought that I’ll wind up spending at least hundred extra bucks upgrading incompatible software as well (like I did with Tiger) is another deterent.

Podcasts may be the future of journalism

I’ve got a few hours before dinner, so I decided to listened to this week’s Left, Right and Center, compliments of iTunes, but sans iPod. Right in the middle of it (multitasking, of course), I read that another reporter has been caught and sacked for plagiarizing internet content.

I first wondered whether Tim Ryan of the Honolulu Star Bulletin would place highly in the “Press Plagiarist Of The Year Award” voting, and then pondered how far a reporter would go to piece together other’s content, knowing fully that he or she risked their job in a dying breed of media.

Would they copy articles word for word? Yes. Could they pass off a voice recording as their own? No. And then I thought that despite all the banter, both positive and negative, about podcasts, are they the solution to all this goofiness?