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Something Thoreau wrote on April 29, 1852

“The art of life, of a poet’s life, is, not having anything to do, to do something.”

He could have aced “of a poet’s life” and the rule would still apply. Almost any activity, outside of that which is illegal, [grossly] immoral or fattening, can be wrung of some productive aspect.

MG signing off (because sitting around is just plain boring too)

Is mobile data usage a productivity deterrent?

Or is it just that productivity is a mobile data usage deterrent?

The following graph shows my mobile data usage by month over the last year…

mobile data usage

I’ve never been a data hog, but recently I made a change – I dumped my Blackberry for an old Nokia flip phone. It was a simple decision. RIM has had more than a year to update their drivers for 64-bit OS X, and when I made the switch recently I found the Blackberry would no longer sync. And there were no drivers available. It seems RIM is too busy fiddling with their half-fast attempt at a tablet computer (and walking out of interviews), because, you know, there is no need to pay attention to existing customers when you have a new product flop coming down the pike.

Nevertheless, when I dumped the Blackberry I also dumped my data plan (yep, the carrier loses too). But before I did, I checked to see how much data I was actually using – a little due diligence just to be sure I was making the right decision. Interestingly, I found that the more work I had on the plate, the less data I used. I’m almost in over my head – in a few more weeks I’ll be drowning – and [would have been] using virtually no data at all.

Funny thing is…none of my colleagues are complaining about any lack of communication either.


MG signing off (wondering when I’ll feel like I need a mobile data plan again)

U.S. Jobs, Productivity Climb

Via Forbes:

An analysis of payroll data released on Wednesday showed an increase in private-sector employment of 189,000 during November, significantly above market expecations…The number was more than twice the 65,000 rise expected by analysts.

Too many folks to count were surprised by this, and I’m not sure why. First, there’s a flood of temporary workers being used to cover extended retail store hours, and they get counted. Second, “analysts” perpetually sandbag any number they can get their teeth around, so when the actual data gets published the equity markets rally on the good news. And I found no mention of the margin of error in ADP reports, which I believe is something like + or – 160,000.

As for productivity, well if you sack workers and make the remainder carry the incremental workload, productivity is bound to go up.

UPDATE: Barry Ritholtz thinks it’s modeling error.

UPDATE 2: An unmassaged view. I guess few post to Monster for temp jobs.

UPDATE 3: The Labor Department has now released its numbers, but who’s take are you going to believe: Bloomberg says the 94,000 additions were greater than forecasted, while the AP said the number disappointed economists. I think it’s just a battle for the Fed’s attention, and now that the equities market has recovered so nicely, we don’t need a rate cut eh?