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Coffee with fly fishing wunder-guides Pat Dorsey and Chris Ramos

Brewing on Colorado’s South Platte River

I took the afternoon off yesterday, seeing as I worked until after midnight Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. At first I felt compelled to throw some gear in the truck and head up to the South Platte to do a little fishing. Then it hit me – I suck – what I really need to do first is kidnap a couple of top notch fly fishing guides, pull the Vulcan mind meld on them, and THEN go fishing. Visions of Colorado State Troopers chasing me down 285 attempting to rescue ‘the victims’ soon put the kibosh on that idea, so I decided to wander down to the International Sportsmen’s Exposition and see if I could find a few guides willing to spill the beans (sans the kerfuffle I’d previously cooked up in my weary little mind).

As it turned out, good choice. I wound up spending time talking with Pat Dorsey of Blue Quill Angler, and Chris Ramos of Angler’s Covey, two of the most knowledgeable fly fishing guides there are when it comes to Colorado’s South Platte River. And as I soon found out, they are both great guys who exude genuine passion for the sport, and a forthright desire to pass that knowledge on to their clientele. That I’ve been skunked at Deckers once this year, combined with the fact they just shrugged their shoulders when I told them I’d forgotten my wallet, only added to my glee.

The guts of our discussion follows…