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Why is The New York Times releasing proprietary readers?

Via (where else) but The New York Times:

Today our beta version of Times Reader for the Mac becomes available. The beta is free for all registered members of NYTimes.com to download and try.

From perusal of the comments, most are none too happy about installing the Microsoft Silverlight plugin in order to make this “reader” work.

Silverlight or no Silverlight, I won’t be installing this application either. I already have a news reader, and it works just fine. Should Marc Andreessen continue the New York Times deathwatch?

UPDATE: The Alley Insider is unimpressed as well.

UPDATE 2: The plugin is a problem anyway.

Gmail gets some anti-phishing measures

Google recently introduced phishing countermeasures into their Gmail product. We do know that there will be alerts sent out warning Gmail users of suspected internet scams, and that there is now a button to report spams. What Google is using technology wise to thwart phishing we may never know, as Google loves chalking everything up to “proprietary”.

You can catch more here, although I don’t know why the ISSJ News Desk chose the .NET Developer’s Journal for this piece of news.