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Sleazy Friday Links

Getting ready for the weekend

    Topping the sleaze charts:

  • Government officials got big loan discounts from Countrywide. “Friends of Angelo” included, who else, but the heads of congressional banking and finance committees. Note – these folks voted for a government mortgage bailout plan, and no wonder – they’re getting foreclosed on.
  • Voted “Best Value From Your Stimulus Check”:

  • To hell with retail purchases – get “more bang” for your stimulus check dollar. A new “core inflation” measure is just around the corner…ex food and energy and sexual favors.
  • And last and least:

  • A judge recuses himself from obscenity case over a purportedly obscene website, but it seems what was truly obscene was the media’s lack of fact finding standards. The media will continue to cry about the internet killing them, never understanding the simple truth – their product is for shit.

The World’s Oldest Profession: Now Ad Supported

That’s right. A brothel in Prague is now providing free sex. The hitch? You have to allow the romp to be broadcast live across the internet.

Is there nothing left worth paying for?

Either 1) the producers will use the ads to promote more services from the sex trade, kind of like how Facebook widget providers work; or 2) condom and lubricant manufacturers are about to see a big jump in business.