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Thanks for all the socks

I held someone’s hand while they cleaned up their Mac. It worked so well, they suggested I assemble the instructions into a blog post. So I did.

Kara Armano and Mavis Fitzgerald of Backbone Media found and then followed those instructions, and now their Macs are running much better too. But even though the clean-up tutorial was provided for free to the world i.e. open source, they decided to thank me anyway.

Smartwool Socks

Will work for socks

Smartwool is of course one of the public relations firm’s clients. While some socks appearing on a doorstep may at first blush seem like much ado about nothing, I was a fan of the brand beforehand but now even more so. So everybody won.

Nice job folks.

MG signing off (with warm cozy feet)

Today’s finance point to ponder

Tech spending pessimism aside, ask yourself why a securities analyst makes a career change…into the public relations industry?!

Sorry PR people: you’re blocked

Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine fame has blocked all harassment-level PR agents from his email inbox – and he’s published a list of their return email addresses for the world to see as well.

Funny, as professional harvesters will now be attacking them in droves. Many of the addresses on the list look like ‘no-reply’ buckets, so it’ll be a pain in the ass to change. But, I doubt this will be effective for Chris’s problem – now they’ll probably harrass him even more, and with a new address to boot.

I would have been silent on the matter, and dropped the list off to a bunch of blacklists instead.

Company bloggers can help put out fires

“That’s the power of a corporate blog.”

Of course, it can go further than just having an individual company blogger.

Comments are forever

Companies uneasy about online criticism.

Mark Fletcher’s 10 Commandments are my 10 Mistakes

The Bloglines and Yahoo Groups creator has some strong opinions on dealing with marketing types. I think I’ve made every mistake along those lines, and wish Fletcher had posted this stuff years ago.

My favorite tidbits within:

  • “Don’t believe what you read” – No kidding
  • “‘The Press’ is no longer the most important source of coverage” – Or their circulation/viewership wouldn’t be plummeting
  • “Traditional PR firms only marginally ‘get’ the blogosphere” – Yep, and if you still don’t believe it, ask Mike Masnick
  • “Unless you have true Wall Street Journal worthy news, or are stupid, don’t bother paying $20,000 a month for an ineffective PR agency” – No offense intended
  • “You do keep track of what people are saying about your company, right?” – You should keep track about what people are saying about you, too
  • Do these commandments apply to “public relations” efforts outside of tech company promotion?