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Pulp Fly: Volume Three now available

Pulp Fly Volume ThreeIf fish didn’t have gills, they would probably inherit the Earth. Not to say they are meek. If you ever hook a marlin on a fly rod you get to watch your backing disappear faster that a Pronghorn, and hopefully before the reel spool seizes against the drag from the residual heat. Timid they are not.

Pulp Fly Volume Three is kind of like a marlin. More than unabashed. Borderline unchaste. But never profligate.

Three cheers to Erin Block, Alex Landeen, Pete McDonald, Miles Nolte, Tom Sadler, Bruce Smithhammer, Tom Reed, April Vokey, Bob White, Steve Zakur, and Jay Zimmerman. Because without them you’d need a gaff, and a happy marlin reader is one that gets to swim freely in the water words post-hookup.

You can catch Pulp Fly: Volume Three by checking the Pulp Fly Purchase page. And you don’t even have to release it.

MG signing off (as I already know the marlin analogy was a bit over the top)

Mezmerizing Words and Sound

Erin Block in Could Be GoodShe assembles thoughts so intricately rooted in experience and emotion that eyes alone are sometimes not adequate for taking it all in.

So Pulp Fly delivers Erin Block’s upcoming “Could Be Good” for additional senses. Her words, now in her voice. Available in advance of the release of Pulp Fly: Volume Three, on mp3.

Click here to get it.

MG signing off (because it was extremely difficult to edit the audio, being enthralled by the story itself)

Pulp Fly Volume Tres: The Authors

We ran out of liquor long ago, but the group of contributors to the upcoming Pulp Fly: Volume Three is already intoxicating enough. Distinguished novelists, television personalities, and many that will probably be both before too long, the last of the submissions are flowing in just in time for Mr. Winter to ice everything over.

Pulp Fly: Volume Three is scheduled for release around the time the holiday season commences.

Pulp Fly Volume Three

Erin Block

Alex Landeen

Pete McDonald

Miles Nolte

Tom Reed

Tom Sadler

Bruce Smithhammer

April Vokey

Bob White

Steve Zakur

Jay Zimmerman


Pulp Fly now available on Kobo

KoboIn the never ending quest to make reading Pulp Fly publications as easy to do on the couch, around bedtime, or even immediately after your post-morning coffee*, Pulp Fly is pleased to announce that the entire catalog of fine outdoor sports eBooks (the number of which will double in December, and may well double again by late next spring) is now available at Kobo. Here is a link to previously released Pulp Fly volumes -> http://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/Search?Query=pulp+fly.

Haven’t heard of Kobo? Well you just did. Kobo is a unique electronic bookseller that provides support for most all portable devices. Their promise is that you can Read Freely, meaning whether the device is Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, or even Blackberry, the reading material you just purchased is good to go.

Even if you must go now right now.**

MG signing off (as this announcement has been cross-posted at Pulp Fly)

* Editor’s note: Did he just say that?
** Editor’s note: He did it again, goddamnit!

When you have everything dialed, throw them for another loop

There is the non-existent planning you publicly tout, and that which is in place but seems like random chance. The former is predictable, and messy once you attract a semblance of due diligence. The latter, if done correctly, should keep everyone on their toes.

I adore the ballet, graceful and yet blunt in its presentation…

I’m pretty damn excited to be a part of this project. It’s a perfect example of how small, independent publishers with vision and moxie are identifying and exploiting important niches that big, ponderous, arrogant, floundering, clueless corporate media companies are simply too slow, too myopic, too stupid, too timid, too conventional and above all too least-common-denominator to even understand or recognize, much less try to explore themselves.

Understood, according to Mouthful of Feathers: Upland in the West contributor Chad Love. Exactly what is needed to set oneself apart; corporate-ized group-think mentality may provide the illusion of success in the short run, but in the marathon you will collapse under the weight of your title, your department, your over-organization.

MG signing off (because faking it until you make it is all too obvious in our over-connected world)

Still time to get a free jar of tasty organic peaches?

They didn't stand a chance

They didn’t stand a chance

A confession is in order…

See, one of Pulp Fly’s benefactors entrusted me with a fine jar of vanilla-infused peaches, carefully prepared, stored and aged by them. They said “give them away as a prize to one of your newsletter subscribers!” With the exclamation point too. I thought it a grand idea, and carried the peaches back to headquarters.

They sat on my desk for a few hours, then I secured them in a cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind.

The following day I decided to check on the jar, just to make sure the grand prize had not been stolen by some thief in the night. Relief washed over me, and I moved them to the counter, ostensibly so I could keep an eye on them intermittently as I passed by.

You know how the story ends, don’t you? Yes, within fifteen minutes the cache was opened, justification innocently enough to check on the quality of the contents. By dinnertime they were gone. I was so satiated I went to sleep and dreamed about catching chrome steelhead from the DSP and lassoing wayward unicorns with one-weight lines ashamed.

Thankfully, Abel Automatics was kind enough to bail me out. And offered up a new Abel Super Series 5N reel for one lucky winner of the Pulp Fly Fall Newsletter Signup Abel Super Series 5N Fly Reel Giveaway. Now that was a mouthful.

Abel Super Series 5N

I know it’s a consolation prize, but I figure it’s a darn good one. So signup for the newsletter, and get spammed to death? Definitely not, but a beautiful new Abel reel is a possibility! Exclamation point included.

MG signing off (because admitting you screwed up is the first step to getting someone else some cool free stuff)

How to get a fine Abel fly reel for absolute, positively, almost nothing

5nblack-262x300If you would like a beautiful Abel Super Series 5N fly reel

[please hold a second while I ponder all manner of written word to daze and confuse even though the topic is pretty straightforward]

read this and then sign up for the Pulp Fly Newsletter.

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Pulp Fly is the only publishing house you can’t subdue with a pair of chopsticks

Pulp Fly proprietors wage a never ending battle to keep their self-inflated egos in check. We know, deep down inside, that it is all about the writers, yet our skills at Formula One racing, wing-suited base jumping, F-22 Raptor operation, and mass production of cold fusion reactors the size of playing card decks always seem to get in the way.

So we decided to give the Pulp Fly dot com site a facelift to remind ourselves of what happened to the Hindenburg


MG signing off (because Mr. Miyagi is still trying)

Pulp Fly now available on iTunes

Pulp FlyThat is correct. You heard it right here. First. The authors don’t even know yet.

You are special.

The latest release can be had via this link: Pulp Fly Volume Two.

Volume One is just a few days behind, reason being the producer rushed a bit (i.e. fricken blew it on the first go ’round). Damn that guy! The fine folks in Apple Quality Control are reviewing updates, and the first born should be attainable soon enough, right here: Pulp Fly Volume One.

MG signing off (to congratulate all, and kick the producer’s ass)

UPDATE 8/1: Volume One is now available.

Now available for consumption: Pulp Fly Volume II

THE HAMMER: Looks good. TOC, menu-ing, etc. spot on. I think we’re there.Pulp Fly

40 minutes later…

YOURS TRULY: Tis done. Now we wait.

THE HAMMER: Nice. Whiskey time.

YOURS TRULY: Good idea.

Then I check the liquor cabinet. It’s empty.

“What a shithole this place is,” I think to myself. “The proprietor must be a real ass.” [Editor’s Note: He is.]

20 minutes and four miles whiz by…


You can now grab Pulp Fly Volume II for both Kindle and Nook.

MG signing off (to get prepped for the next adventure)