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Something Thoreau wrote on February 28, 1856

“How various are the talents of men! From the brook in which one lover of nature has never during all his lifetime detected anything larger than a minnow, another extracts a trout that weighs three pounds, or an otter four feet long. How much more game he will see who carries a gun, i.e. who goes to see it! Though you roam the woods all your days, you never will see by chance what he sees who goes on purpose to see it. One gets his living by shooting woodcocks; most never see one in their lives.”

In the above case extraction of said trout was likely followed by putting it in a frying pan, the original act driven by necessity. Does the same apply when the purpose is sport … simple amusement? Or is the talent in some way devalued?

MG signing off (to detect, and possibly dissect)