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Be careful downloading your “favorite” videos

A warning has gone out to PC and Mac users regarding a potentially dangerous buffer overload problem in iTunes and Quicktime movies that could cause system crashes. Apple has refused to comment on the issue, pending investigation – I don’t know what the Windows side of the world is doing about it.

All I can say is that I wouldn’t be particularly worried about downloading an NBC sitcom and having it destroy my machine. In addition, most people using iTunes are doing one of two things with it – either ripping CDs to add to their library, or buying music from the store for the same reasons. Neither, in my opinion, exposes one to much risk.

However, if you frequently download music or your “favorite” video clips (whatever they may be) from questionable sharing networks or websites, I’d be a lot more cautious until the potential problem is patched. Or you can do the right thing and avoid those places altogether (even though that wouldn’t be as fun).