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Seeking assistance with data.table functions via the R help files, and instead [somehow] being reminded that brown trouts will soon be hitting the dance floor …


First read as fin angler. Then the double-take.

MG signing off (knowing the trouts will be fast; but probably none too friendly … like R)

More Whisky Geekery

From Luba Gloukhov of Revolution Analytics

The first time I had an Islay single malt, my mind was blown. In my first foray into the world of whiskies, I took the plunge into the smokiest, peatiest beast of them all — Laphroig. That same night, dreams of owning a smoker were replaced by the desire to roam the landscape of smoky single malts.

As an Islay fan, I wanted to investigate whether distilleries within a given region do in fact share taste characteristics. For this, I used a dataset profiling 86 distilleries based on 12 flavor categories.

It gets all down and dirty with the number crunching after that, but in the grand scheme of using R there’s always a cool plot of data to be had …

Clusters of single malt taste

Clusters of single malt taste

Peruse the whole thing if you like Scotch. And, if you are partial to statistics, regardless of the data set, and don’t have the budget for SPSS, might I suggest following this tutorial which will get R, R Studio, and related toolsets ready for work in a jiffy.

And for the manufactured suggested retail price of $0. Now if you could only get a bottle for that.

MG signing off (to sip some Scotch and crunch some numbers, just not necessarily in that order)