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Book review: The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace with the World

To cast a fly to a fish is to hope – hope that it is hungry. The same goes for tailing fish, those bobbing and weaving in the water column, and even cruisers if you are feeling exceptionally confident (and lucky).

To cast yourself into the whirlwind called life is, however, more risk than wishful thinking. Putting yourself out there every day, regardless of your innate skill (or lack thereof), and trying to make the best of it requires courage. To do it all with some semblance of dignity, self-reflection, self-correction, and a modicum of empathy are the only true determinants of success, at least according to this technologist finance geek fly-fishing bum. If I could put myself in the shoes of one Ian McBride, whose fictional [?] life is chronicled in Randy Kadish’s The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace with the World, I sincerely hope that I could look back and say I did half the job he did.

McBride’s journey is one of never ending learning, and one he questions himself constantly about. Albeit a slow start, fly casting, and fly-fishing, becomes the protagonist’s window into a world of relativity. The storyline is immersing – some might find it almost too much so. You don’t feel like you are there, but instead wind up convinced you are Ian. In his head, thinking his thoughts. Acting on his feelings. I didn’t mind – he’s a good egg.

For the fly-fishing aficionado, some interesting history of the sport is gracefully weaved into the story, as is the sublime experience itself…

Where I came from and where I was going no longer mattered; so even though I didn’t catch another trout, I wasn’t disappointed about anything, until I looked at my watch and saw the time.

Many can surely relate. I know I can.

I’ll wrap by noting again that the book starts off somewhat slow, but by the end of the first quarter it does not disappoint. That beginning is purposeful background, one that allows you to understand the how’s and why’s of one young person’s gradual advancement to adulthood. Trials and tribulations are thoroughly included, which makes the book all the more genuine.

The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace with the World is available in both paperback and a Kindle version, from Amazon.

Editor’s note to the government types: I am not generating any revenue from book link click-throughs because the Colorado legislature has seen it in their hearts to indirectly put the kabosh on affiliate revenue in our fair state. That stupidity aside, the author sent me the book on the condition that if I didn’t like it I would not review it. I read it, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and hence acted accordingly.

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