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Greenspan Scratching the Fannie

An Economist report a few days back was quietly entitled Building the American dream…or nightmare?

There wasn’t much in this article that came as a surprise, until the near end…..

Milk Ain’t Cheap

Prices are headed up. What a landmark piece of news! The Los Angeles Times reported Wholesale Prices Increase 0.3%. Not exactly a scoop.

Prices increase and decrease in trends. Traders (and the Fed) know this, but the government uses these funny little reports like the colored sign at Homeland Security.

We created a huge ATM network with real estate HELOC’s (home equity lines of credit), allowed the dollar to slide to pathetic levels, subsidized the food producers until we choked on our own gratuity, and gorged on foriegn goods supposedly in the name of cheaper prices, so this recent pop should come as no surprise.

Unfortunately, it didn’t need to happen that way, and Greenspan knows it.