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Something Thoreau wrote on July 10, 1851

“I am always struck by the centrality of the observer’s position. He always stands fronting the middle of the arch, and does not suspect at first that a thousand observers on a thousand hills behold the sunset sky from equally favorable positions.”

Perspective is of course relative. The reality of what one sees might even be – Einstein theorized just looking changed things – making keeping it real all the more arbitrary.

MG signing off (to play the don’t blink game)

The Perfect Gag Gift

Speaking with a family member (via an actual phone call) yesterday, she expounded upon Facebook’s utility as it related to “keeping up with folks without having to exert much effort.” Hence I couldn’t think of a stocking stuffer any more meaningless …


If you got one, I feel for you.

MG signing off (pressing everyone to pick up their phone and dial their loved ones this Christmas day, instead of using Facebook)

Memo to Oaktree clients from the Chairman of Oaktree Capital

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital says it “Doesn’t Make Sense” (.pdf), opening with:

In fact, I marvel at how many things take place in the worlds of business, investments and politics that stem from irrationality…

Mr. Marks ventures on to numerous issues related to the current financial malaise – here are the highlights:

  • The “wisdom of the crowds” only works for so long, and compulsive-short term thinking simply exacerbates inevitable corrections
  • The ratings system was flawed from the get-go – there was no way this wasn’t eventually going to happen
  • Blaming speculators is the weapon of mass distraction for the politicians and their media cohorts
  • Setting the expectation that losses will soon disappear is easy to do when there is no one left that remembers any differently

And one of Mr. Marks’s favorite tidbits…

Being too far ahead of your time is indistinguishable from being wrong.

Certainly rings home here, but I’ll add that chance favors the prepared. Further, the chance of turning “wrong” back into “right” is magnified the further the downside deviates from the mean.

For those that fear reality-based thinking (which I believe is the standing majority), move on. For the rest, read the whole thing.