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Actually, PETA got it all right

Monte Burke on PETA’s latest attacks on recreational fishing:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is at it again. The UK arm of the animal rights group has posted their latest anti-recreational fishing ad, a (possibly?) tongue-in-cheek web campaign that implies that anglers fish because they are compensating for, um, their own small rods. (The website is NSFW only if looking at cartoon penises is frowned upon at your workplace.)

The website is slick and may get a laugh or two. But it obscures the real issue: when it comes to recreational fishermen PETA has it all wrong. For years the group has focused on a tree and missed the entire forest…

PETA’s use of slack humor is telling – it means they simply don’t have a substantive argument. The see-through “testimonials” only enhance the weakness, and remind me of the flurry of anonymous postings that litter political blogs (which I no longer pay attention to for the same reason).

When you do not possess the capability to add value to the topic, or don’t have the cojones to put your name on what you say, you resort to name calling.

It’s quite obvious to this angler that PETA got the message across just fine.