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Note to Red Herring, from the RSS files

redherring2.gifShould be the RSS spamming files (unintentional subfile?)…

Talk to SimpleFeed, or just plain fix it yourself – you’ve been spamming feed readers with this data for days.


I’ll be happy to take this post down once you fix your issue.

The Tops, as security goes

FYI: Red Herring released their North American Top 100 private companies list – several in the security realm are included.

A list of lists, outlined in Red

RhLogo.gifAfter all the hubbaloo over predictions last week, the Red Herring has posted a list of top trends for 2006. They’ve also produced a list (at a 10X factor) of the top small-cap tech stocks to follow for the coming year.

Of the trends, I favor wireless internet, if only to put another bruising on telco’s ribs, and micropayments, which will align nicely with Chris Anderson’s Long Tail concepts. The rest…who knows.

And I’ll keep my opinions on the Herring’s stock picks to myself.