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When you chips are down, look at the bright side

Something of a cliché – just don’t hit me if you’re down too.

Eric Savitz of Barron’s Tech Trader follows today’s “downs” and yours truly puts some much needed spin on it:

  • Charles Schwab’s online trading was down all morning [Editor’s note: along with position reporting, etc. etc. and even the dang login screen, for a while at least]. But look at the bright side: the market was down 300 points, yet managed to bounce back. Why? Schwabies couldn’t dump their stock.
  • Skype is down, and Mr. Savitz can’t check for blog reactions at Technorati either. But look at the bright side: Skype is rarely down – I can’t even remember the last time it was down. And Technorati? Well they’re always down, so who cares?
  • Trading was halted in Dell shares. But look at the bright side: maybe they’ll quit sending all those fricken catalogs.
  • And while we’re at it…

  • Red Robin’s profits are down. Maybe instances of heart disease will follow that direction.
  • The amount of outstanding commercial paper is at it’s lowest level since the 9-11 attacks. And, there haven’t been any recent instances of airliners getting purposefully plowed into very large office buildings.
  • Last but not least…

  • The secondary mortgage market is getting pummeled, and many hedge funds are getting pummeled. But some crafty web entrepreneurs are having fun with it.
  • UPDATE: STOP THE PRESSES – Some German physicists have broken the speed of light! And as any student of Einstein’s theory of relativity should know, this means we may soon be able to travel back in time. Absolutely nothing to worry about now.