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Today’s crude oil craziness

Just a summary of nuttiness

  • Congress is nearing a quest to sue oil producing countries over prices. Even if they won such a lawsuit, who would determine the damages, and who would enforce the judgement? Is the Justice Department going to say “pay up, or you can’t export your oil to us anymore”?
  • It’s time to lay down further regulation of the commodities markets. Despite skyrocketing global demand (and blatant stockpiling on China’s part in advance of the Olympics), the government still wants to blame everything on speculators. Forget never ending trade deficits, soaring national debt, and a plummeting dollar…it’s time to further regulate the exchange of futures contracts by Joe Trader In The Bathrobe.

What is going to happen when and if this bubble bursts?

UPDATE: Revisting peak oil (seen the chart before, and I’d recommend downloading and looking at it on a big screen).

UPDATE 2: More blaming the traders.

UPDATE 3: Hoarding may be reality.

How Is personal data regulated?

Tamara Thompson over at PI News Link pointed out my misunderstanding regarding the regulation of personal information in the financial services industry (see PI News Link: ~ public thoughts on privacy ~), from my post regarding the need for regulation of the flow of personal data (see Credit Information Flow Should Be Regulated). I am not sure which part I am misunderstanding, so I am requesting some iteration.

But first a few points.