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Back in Black(berry)

A year and a few months after dumping my Blackberry for a Nokia flip, I’ve turned back to the dark side. Part of the reason was simply needing email in my pocket again – I’ve got several projects going on right now and I’m feeling the heat every time I step away from the desk for more than five minutes. Also, RIM finally released a desktop manager for OS X, so I knew I could keep things in sync (or at least have someone to complain to about it).

After two days I’m impressed. The Curve 8900 connects to the neighbors’ wifi, so I can carry on with my surreptitious mobile activities, anonymously, and the interface has the clean and easy feel I became accustomed to last go-round. I was, however, surprised to find so many available applications that are actually useful. While Skype chat is still missing, I’ve been able to dig up an RSS reader, various IM clients, and of course the usual…apps for Twitter and Facebook.

Yep, I’m impressed. And while this post is not particularly impressive in its own right, I did type and publish the whole thing with WordPress for Blackberry. What will they think of next?

MG signing off (to walk the dog, fully connected)

Happy Holidays (and headline hoopla)

Cheer and good tidings first; light reading last

  • Charlie Crist calls for an investigation of “Florida’s subprime-tainted fund.” It’s really a SIV tainted fund and a sub-prime tainted SIV, but I’ll spare you the details. More on the Florida Fund fiasco here, here, and here.
  • Research In Motion: no slowdown. Is it a consumer thing? Personally, I’m very happy with my Blackberry, although I consider it a business tool.
  • Myspace. Facebook. Go WordPress!? This may sound a little outlandish now, but the open source blogging application has the install base and the development community to really put a hurting on the “traditional” fare.
  • A Home Price Heat Map, compliments of Stephen Heise. Data runs from 1975 to Q3-2007. Very interesting – hit the pause button along the way.
  • A reminder: next time you look into that camera someone might be recording the color of your eyes, among other things.

Again, happy holidays!