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Return Path puts another nail in email coffin

According to a study just released by email deliverability services provider ReturnPath, 97% of all IP addresses are worthy of being blocked. Under ReturnPath’s scoring methodology, less than one percent of emailers are worthy of a “most likely to get delivered” badge.

That whole “email losing clout” thing is starting to make sense. I doubt the fact that we are running out of IP addresses is helping matters either.

I dream of warm, clear, shallow water; bonefish tailing 50 feet from me in all directions. And a “no-tunnel” IPv6 connection in my bungalow.

Permission-based email still getting burned

ReturnPath recently reported results of a year long study of permission-based email penetration. George Bilbrey, ReturnPath’s head of Delivery Assurance, said that permission-based marketers need to take special care with structuring emails for optimum penetration, as filters are getting cranked tighter and tighter by the minute (he didn’t actually say the cranking part – I just threw that in for good measure, as it is the case).