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Something Rough this way comes

roughfisher fliesKid Rough is representing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and there’s no better time to throw out some poseur grading fun facts…than now:

– The Roughfisher is a veritable encyclopedia of fish biology, water rights laws, and Mesopotamian culture. Score: 10 + 50 + 9,225 points, respectively.

– The Roughfisher carried only Scott Fly Rods with him to Colorado, and a couple of classic ARCs to boot. Score: 2,540 points.

– The Roughfisher comes prepared, with lots of flies, Shoe Goo to repair his nearly new but crumbling Cloudveil boots, and a hankerin’ for barbeque. Score: 200 + 5 + 850 points, respectively.

– The Roughfisher refuses to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, but must have a Diet Dr. Pepper by 9am or he turns into quite the a-hole. Score: -540 + 540, respectively.

– The Roughfisher can catch smallies too. Score: a cool 10K.

We are not lacking for carp action, but we are short quite a few flies. Call it lazy knot tying, old leaders, or just plain ole’ giving the caprs a sporting chance. Meanwhile, the weather and the flows have been highly cooperative, and faces look distinctly raccoon-ish.

smallmouth bass

It’s all smiles around here as we head into the Fly Fishing Expo. We’ll say ‘hi’ to a few folks and then immediately seek out the free beer.

There is going to be free beer, right?

MG signing off (to hang with the rough crowd)

18 Merchants of Mayhem

In the movies, the evil villain releases scorpions into the room of the unsuspecting protagonist – shrieks ensue but nobody is generally harmed.  I guess if a real-life someone reached into their mailbox and found a dozen and a half scorpions, they might react the same.

I, however, was delighted…


Never satisfied? Just aiming for perfection, I say.

News you gotta have to start your week – 1/19/09

Knowledge leads to success…sometimes

  • Wealthy men give women more orgasms – the statistically insignificant polling sample is going to lead to a lot of controversy, and a lot of men looking for second jobs;
  • Roughfisher Beast of the Year – this is an honor suitable for kings, and an idea for trouters who don’t know what to do with last year’s waders;
  • Cracking the (Social) Code – business speak, for anyone trying to figure out how to create a Facebook group for plastics extrusion or become the go to twitterer on CNC machining;
  • IFPI Says 95% of Music Downloads Are Illegal – they omit that the other 5% weren’t illegal because the songs were created with GarageBand;
  • And…

  • Jim Rogers Says Worried About Dollar, Favors China – I admire the guy, but still I wonder where Jim Rogers’ money already is.
  • Adieu.

    Happy Birthday to Roughfisher

    Brownliner extraordinaire Jean-Paul Lipton is old cold, very old cold.

    Probably not as old as this guy though. Billy who? Classic.