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NetNewsWire finds a new sync friend in Google Reader (UPDATED)

netnewswirenewI’ve been a fan of the NetNewsWire/NewsGator Online combination for some time. Along with NewsGator Go! for the Blackberry (the one I got rid of because I couldn’t seem to manage the three emails I get per day, unpopular as I am I found myself spending inordinate amounts of time reading email when I should be working, lack of popularity notwithstanding) the system provided me with the ability to efficiently manage all my feed consumption whether at the desk or on the road. And one leg gone I still loved it – away from the desk (and not on the water) I could just log into NewsGator from any available computer and read my feeds without duplicating efforts thereafter.

Today that system has changed in a significant way, although the process has not. NewsGator just announced that effective August 31, 2009, NewsGator Online will no longer be available as a consumer application. NewsGator Enterprise users will not be affected, but then again they are paying customers. Nevertheless, NewsGator hasn’t left anyone hanging – the rest of us will be able to sync our desktop feed readers with Google Reader – all you have to do is download the latest and greatest app, whether it be NetNewsWire or one of the other platform specific readers NewsGator produces (individual product transition instructions are available here).


Federal Reserve goes Web 2.0

They aren’t twittering and they don’t have a room on Friendfeed, but they are offering RSS feeds for a good portion of their data. (h/t The Big Picture)

Is RSS the Solution for Emarketers?

Andy McCue of Silicon.com deserves a special thanks for plugging the latest “me-too” book, this time on RSS feeds and how they are the emarketers’ dream come true, in Have RSS feeds killed the email star? – silicon.com.

Why thank Andy….? Well no opinion was expressed on the validity of Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, by Rok Hrastnik, that’s why. Finally someone shows a little skepticism by not going overboard with a glorious review of what I suspect is bunk.