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Frying Pan River, we have a situation

Picked up via Moldy Chum, it seems the Frying Pan was blown out during the prime late summer season (I had no clue, but I’m sure you’re used to that by now). Water-related recreation in the area was non-existent. The City of Basalt and the Ruedi Water and Power Authority are up in arms and want answers:

The Basalt town government, Ruedi Water and Power Authority, and fishing guides want a detailed review and explanation of the reclamation bureau’s releases from Ruedi Reservoir. The releases created water levels that were too high for fishing in the gold-medal trout habitat of the Fryingpan River from late July to early September. The water level in Ruedi dropped too low to allow use of the Aspen Yacht Club docks on Labor Day weekend.

“In short, the six weeks between approximately July 26 and Sept. 6 was a disaster for water-related recreation in the Fryingpan Valley,” says a letter from Basalt and the Ruedi Water and Power Authority. The latter entity operates a small hyrdo-electric project at the reservoir and closely monitors Ruedi water issues for local governments.

No offense to those doing the talking, but after reading this I couldn’t help but wonder whether there really was something strange afoot at the Circle K, or that this was just an over-reaction to a one-time event, possibly driven by political circumstance. So I got geeked, and crunched some numbers.