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Social Media’s Dirty Laundry!

I always wanted to put an exclamation point at the end of a blog post headline. Got the idea from McSweeney’s:

Guys, I want you all to meet Joe. He’s the new head of social media and marketing strategy here at Bubble Trouble Laundromat.

Okay, maybe not. But I lost it after the first sentence, so you’ll have to read the whole thing yourself.

MG signing off (to wash some clothes!)

Sharkskin, or Shark Sin?

Guest Commentary by Tom “Lemonade” Teasdale

Scientific Anglers SharkskinIt is no secret that 3M is one of the largest corporations in America today. They make everything from the tape we wrap our holiday gifts with to aerospace polymers used to build stealth fighters. Such a large corporation is ultimately responsible to its shareholders to create value, however, one of their subsidiaries, Scientific Anglers, has crossed the line in its senseless pursuit of profit.

SA has always been a heavy hitter in the fly line and accessory market, and a few years back, as some of you may remember, they introduced a revolutionary new fly line dubbed “Sharkskin”. Like most of you, I originally loved this fly line – it flew further, floated higher, and mended better than any product before it. I wanted to throw 160-foot casts in a single haul, stack mends in a line that would float like a body in the Hudson.

But ask yourself this, my fly-fishing amigos: At what cost..(insert heart-felt fist pump and single tear down cheek here)..AT WHAT COST?! Faced with this lust, none of us asked where this technology and “new” material came from, and I must now admit that my want for distance combined with perpetually dry tips blinded my conservationist heart.