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Contemplating scale

If you ever wondered how you size up…

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Note that scale is only represented here on the observable (or what is claimed to be), and what can be “seen” sometimes requires an inordinately long wait.

MG signing off (because everything is both very large and very small, simultaneously)

Nimble startups suffering from Amazon S3 irony

Mr. Frommer says:

There’s a big future in distributed storage and computing, and Amazon (AMZN) is on the leading edge. Nimble startups benefit any time they can focus more on building their companies than building their server infrastructure.

I’ll add that some of the aforementioned companies suffering don’t have discernible revenue models (i.e. they are “working towards scale!”). It would seem that having to rely on cheap third party storage services might put a monkey wrench in that plan, at least every now and then.

Meanwhile, Markus Frind, who runs the highly profitable PlentyOfFish dating site on a quarter rack of servers (i.e. “scaling the bank account”), notes that Facebook is making heavy capital investments and coming up heavily cash flow negative as a result.

Where’s the happy median? Or has someone already patented it?