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Free gas has strings attached

It is never fun watching scammers prey on the innocent, particularly through the use of technology. And with gas prices causing a pinch for those who can least afford it, you could expect someone (and I don’t mean the oil companies) is going to take advantage of the situation.

Shane Keats of McAfee Site Advisor noted that a lot of these “free gas” sites you might have noticed popping up across the net are really just scams – they are drawing you in to PAY for the CHANCE to win a “free gas card,” are going to pitch unrelated products, or they are just looking for your email address. Better than 25% of search results for “free gas” came up red according to the SiteAdvisor rating systems. Better than half of paid listings fared the same (which means there is a lot of money involved, if the scammers are willing to pay for ads).


Circle of Theft

Short and very to the point, Techdirt relays this message.

Identity thieves steal from big companies that are in the business of gathering data on you. When the data disappears, those same companies are there to protect you with credit monitoring services and other such nonsense.

It is nothing more than a circle of thievery.