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Having fun with Craigslist scammers

I received this message regarding an item I posted a few days back on Craigslist…

Good day, i will like to inform you that i like to buy your item.i will like to know the condition of this item and if it still for sell…

I replied…

The item is here – condition as described in the ad.

Then it gets good…

Thanks so much for the update.The price is not the problem but i think i have to be very careful this time when am transacting on the internet. I had fallen into the hands of some fradulent seller that,collected my money and ver ships out my item. I hope i can trust you? Anyway, i intend to make fast payment as soon as i can before i travel to Bahamas in 2 weeks time. I will making my payment through US Certified check and i will wait till you receive and cash it before i arrange for the shipping.

Shipping will be solely funded by me without you paying a dime, if you are okay with this, let me have your full name and address plus your reachable telephone number as it will be written on the check so that,i can forward it to my finance house to prepare your check immediately for you to receive it on time.

Do get back to me

I want this concerned buyer to know I’m trustworthy. And I love it when people are leaving the country and need an item so quickly that they are willing to send me a “US Certified check” from their “finance house” and cover the shipping! I offer the person the finest assurances I can provide…

Excellent. Please send the check to:

FBI Denver
Federal Office Building, Room 1823
1961 Stout Street, 18th. Floor
Denver, Colorado

The phone number is (303) 629-7171.

Use tracking for the mail, and make sure to pay for the mailing with your valid credit card. When you have noted that the check has arrived, let me know right away. I’ll go straight there and your shipper can meet me immediately.

How’s that sound?

I never got a reply back. I can’t understand why, and am sorely disappointed.

Editor’s note: Of course, the FBI has better things to do than run down two bit scammers. But wouldn’t it be nice if once, just once, one of these morons actually sent a fraudulent check to the FBI, and the Bureau nabbed them?

UPDATE: While stories/comments are greatly appreciated, I don’t have time to edit out email addresses and mailing addresses that might otherwise put someone at risk. Comments containing them get automatically deleted from here on out. Thanks very much.