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Image spam – highly sophisticated, or just plain scary

Some ZDNet bloggers posted a lengthy entry on our not-so-new friend, image spam. To get to the point of the post you have to read through some (admitted) technical jargon, only to find that “highly sophisticated” methods are being employed to thwart multitudes of spam filters, and it is downright SCARY!

Actually, someone jostled some letters on a single image, which was intended to portray our other not-so-new friend, stock spam, and then sent it out to 500 million email address. High technical, and very SCARY, that insidious combination of Photoshop and the send button.

While the rest of the world is shaking in their boots, I suggest you just flip that switch on your email client for plain-text only. Everyone else can seek some “highly sophisticated” solution to the SCARY problem, as I am sure someone will be trying to sell a solution for it any moment.