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One step away from royalty

Or deportation.

From the international mailbag…

Laird Gracie

A very unique gift (which generated plenty of smiles), the certificate is official title to a whopping one square foot of land in Scotland. It’s hereditary title too, so no need to play the lottery any more. Not that I have any heirs (at least that I know of). As for “the Laird” bit I say “no me laird llamar a menos que quieras un puñetazo en el besador.”

I knew there was a reason I liked spey casting – it’s in the blood – notwithstanding the fact that I’ve owned the argyllshire.com domain name for more than a decade.

The real beauty in all this is I had most everyone thinking I was Cuban.

MG signing off (because swinging flies is still preferred to tea with the Queen)

Editor’s note: Michael does not speak Spanish. At least not in public.

A government gives up

Richard Thomas, Scotland’s Information Commissioner, sent out a message admitting defeat in the war on spam, and saying it is up to spam filters from here on out.

Now there’s a thought – get government out of the way on issues they are clueless about in the first place. Kudos to Thomas for handing the reins over.