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Anatomy of a Spammer – Part 1 – OptInRealBig

Scott Richter and OptInRealBig.com have filed financial disclosures in accordance with their recent bankruptcies. Here are the salient points related to OptInRealBig’s financial situation…

Recent Court Order in Scott Richter Bankruptcy Case

A hearing has been set in the Scott Richter/OptInRealBig.com Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. The Honorable Howard R. Tallman is presiding, and Spamroll is following.

Scott Richter’s Personal Bankruptcy Petition

You can find a copy of Scott Richter’s personal bankruptcy petition in Acrobat format here, compliments of Ethan Preston, an IT and Privacy attorney out of Chicago.

OptInRealBig.com files Chapter 11

OptInRealBig.com and its owner, Scott Richter, have filed for bankruptcy. OptInRealBig is a one-time spamming operation that now purports to have “gone clean.” OptInRealBig and Scott once garnered third place on Spamhaus’s ROKSO (Register of Known Spam Operations) list.

There is no reason to jump for joy. Despite what Microsoft and others might say, these guys are not dead yet.

OPT-IN isn’t what it seems

Spamroll has pointed out that opt-out tools at the bottom of CAN-SPAM compliant emails can be more trouble than they are worth. It has come to my attention that the opt-in fine print might be worthy of addition attention as well.